st. Michaels, md

Restaurants in St. Michaels

Reservations at the best restaurants are a must for weekends. To be sure you are accommodated, you may call them directly or ask our assistance to help you make reservations. St. Michaels and surrounding areas have many fine restaurants ranging from very casual to almost formal (but never coats and ties). 

For lunch, there are a number of nice spots:

Nice choices for dinner in St. Michaels are:

*Reservations well in advance are a must for the above. There are many other restaurants as well, please see more selections at

Restaurants in Easton

In Easton, just a 15 minute drive from the Inn, there are also a number of excellent restaurants. A few of our  favorites are  Out of the Fire and Legal Assets Easton also has a movie theater- Premier Cinemas.

Shopping and Galleries

Please visit to see a complete list of local retail shops, art galleries, and choices galore in our charming, historic town.

Things to Do


There are many options for enjoying the waterways around St. Michaels.

The cruises–Patriot, which leaves its dock about 100 yards from the Inn every 2 hours or so and takes about one hour. There is also a sailboat The Selina that leaves from the harbor for a two hour cruise, you will need reservations as it only accepts 6 people at a time.

Attractions and Activities

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a wonderful place to spend several hours, only 100 yards from the Inn. Climb the lighthouse or browse through the many shipbuilding exhibits, reviewing the history and activity related to the shipping on the Bay. It is open every day from 9 to 4:30. Cost is minimal.

The Shops

Shopping is the major activity for the St. Michaels tourist. We have a wide variety of stores that offer a marvelous array of gifts, antiques and items of interest. You can walk to all of them. They are open daily from 10 to 5:30.

Carriage ride

There is a horse and buggy tour of St. Michaels that can be reserved almost any time. We will be happy to make the arrangements.


There are two courses-Harbortowne is less than two miles from the Inn. Hog Neck is about a 15 minute drive from the Inn but is considered by most to be a more challenging course.


There are six courts in the area.

Town Tours

Saint Michaels Museum offers historic tours for you to enjoy our local stories and On weekends you can enjoy the ghostly spirits which roam our town with a narrate walking tour.

Evening Entertainment

St. Michaels has two bars that feature live music on the weekends–the C street Saloon and Black Thorn Pub–you can walk home from them to your comfortable bed at the Inn.